Monday, 20 April 2015

Welcome to UTA Creative Writers

Welcome This webpage is the end product of a creative writing class organized by the Language Centre of the University of Tampere. Each student taking part presented an original piece of writing every two weeks throughout the term, and these literary compositions, poetry or prose, were discussed and analysed in smaller groups. This provided a medium for authors to improve their writing and also to get their work in progress criticized by their peers. In this blog you'll find the selected works of most of the students who attended the creative writing class from spring 2015 onwards. A few preferred not to publish their work, which is fine. The pieces have been divided into several categories; short fiction, detective fiction, science fiction and fantasy, poetry, narrative essays and magazine columns. Some of the prose fiction texts are part of a longer work. You can find the links to these different categories on the link bar above. Enjoy.